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Jane Wolfe

Jane Wolfe

(March 21, 1875 – March 29, 1958)

American silent film actress. Between 1910 and 1920, she co-starred in more than ninety films, after which her acting career ended, and she studied the occult religion in subsequent years. In 1918, Jane Wolfe began corresponding with the English author and occultist Aleister Crowley, and two years later she gave up her career in Hollywood to join Crowley at his “Abbey of Thelema” at Cefalù, Sicily, living there from 1920 until it closed in 1923. There she kept records about her magical practice, which were later published by the College of Thelema of Northern California as The Cefalu Diaries.

Wolfe is considered an important female figure in magick as, in addition to her friendship and work with Crowley, she took part in the founding of the Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis in Southern California as well as being its lodge master.

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