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Leah Hirsig

April 9, 1883 – February 22, 1975

In 1919, after seeking out Aleister Crowley due to her interest in the occult, Swiss-American Leah Hirsig was consecrated as his Babalon or, “Scarlet Woman”, taking the name Alostrael, “the womb (or grail) of God.” Leah Hirsig wrote in her 1921 diary: “I dedicate myself wholly to The Great Work. I will work for wickedness, I will kill my heart, I will be shameless before all men, I will freely prostitute my body to all creatures”.

She then helped found the Abbey of Thelema with Crowley in Cefalù, Italy and was instrumental in guiding the Prophet of the New Aeon, to a deeper understanding of the Law of Thelema.

With Crowley, Leah had a daughter, whom they named Anna Leah (Poupée) Crowley. She was born on 26 Jan 1920 in Fontainebleau, France. She died on 15 Oct 1920.

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