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Phyllis Seckler


Phyllis Evalina Seckler (1917–2004), also known as Soror Meral, was a ninth degree (IX°) member of the ‘Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis’ of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), and a student of Jane Wolfe, herself a student of Aleister Crowley.

Under her pen name, Seckler was Master of 418 Lodge of O.T.O. in California from its inception in 1979 until her death. She was also founder of the College of Thelema; and co-founder of the Temple of Thelema, both of which organizations she also led until her death. Prior to her death, she also warranted the founding of the International College of Thelema as an autonomous continuation of her work, as well as the Temple of the Silver Star. She was a writer for and editor of In the Continuum, the journal of the College of Thelema, for nearly 25 years.

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